Smooth + Sheild Kit

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Protect your healthiest hair from everyday harm with this set that features our Damage Shield Shampoo and Conditioner, accompanied by a complimentary mini Hair Oil.

Damage Shield Shampoo: Suitable for every wash.

1. Gently massage into hair, paying attention to the scalp.
2. Rinse thoroughly.
3. Repeat as necessary.

Damage Shield Conditioner: Ideal for additional softening and conditioning, especially following the K18 leave-in molecular repair hair mask.

1. Shampoo with either Detox Shampoo or Damage Shield pH Protective Shampoo.
2. Towel-dry hair completely.
3. Apply 1-3 pumps of K18 leave-in molecular repair hair mask.
4. Wait for 4 minutes without rinsing.
5. Use a quarter-sized amount of Damage Shield Protective Conditioner from mid-lengths to ends.
6. Rinse thoroughly.
7. No need to re-apply the K18 mask.

Molecular Repair Hair Oil: Apply to damp, towel-dried hair before styling or on dry hair as a final touch. The formula is highly concentrated; start with 1-3 drops and increase as needed.

- On damp hair: Provides strengthening benefits and reduces frizz during air-drying or styling.
- On dry hair: Smooths frizz and flyaways, enhancing shine as a finishing touch.
- Apply to damp hair from mid-lengths to ends for strengthening benefits from K18PEPTIDE™; wait for 4 minutes before styling.
- Use on dry hair as a finisher.

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